The Bar­ba­dos Wildlife Reserve

Is there a Bar­ba­dos zoo? No, actu­ally we have some­thing even bet­ter — a wildlife reserve!

If you wanted to visit some­where where you could see a num­ber of exotic ani­mals and have the feel­ing as though you were on safari, then you should visit The Bar­ba­dos Wildlife Reserve. The Bar­ba­dos Wildlife Reserve is located in the north of the island in the parish of St. Peter and is sur­rounded by the mahogany woods. The reserve is located directly in front of Far­ley Hill National Park.

green monkey wild life reserve
Here there are many ani­mals caged or oth­er­wise for your view­ing plea­sure. Just by tak­ing a relax­ing stroll through the reserve you can see these ani­mals inter­act­ing with each other, eat­ing and playing.

Make sure to walk with your cam­eras to get pho­tos of our famous Green Mon­keys. These beau­ti­ful crea­tures come out in num­bers at feed­ing time com­mon and are espe­cially pop­u­lar at the after­noon feed­ing time. They are many birds on loca­tion as well, par­rots, pea­cocks, spar­rows, pel­i­cans and flamin­goes. These slith­ery, scaly guys are not for the faint hearted, yes I am speak­ing about the rep­tiles. Snakes,caiman,tor­toises, tur­tles andigua­nas. There are a few ani­mals not usu­ally found on island that you would see there, armadillo, deer and agouti.

This is some­where the whole fam­ily should visit together; it can be vis­ited by local and vis­i­tors as well guar­an­tee­ing every­one a won­der­ful time. The next time you’re on vaca­tion be sure visit to the Wildlife Reserve. The admis­sion cov­ers the reserve and the Grenade Hall For­est and Sig­nal sta­tion, so make and get your monies worth and visit both for the price of one.

The Bar­ba­dos Wildlife Reserve is located in a nat­ural mahogany wood across the road from the Far­ley Hill National Park in the north­ern parish of St. Peter.

Here you have a unique oppor­tu­nity to stroll freely through the Reserve watch­ing the ani­mals at close range and in their own nat­ural envi­ron­ment. There are few cages and the ani­mals can be observed as they eat, play and inter­act with the other animals.

What types of ani­mals will you spot here?

  • The Bar­ba­dos Green Mon­eys are com­mon and are espe­cially pop­u­lar at the after­noon feed­ing time. Note that the mon­keys are free to leave the reserve and often do so dur­ing the day.
  • Birds vary from colour­ful par­rots, flamin­goes and pea­cocks to brown pel­i­cans and spar­rows. The walk-​through aviary is a spe­cial treat!
  • Rep­tile lovers will appre­ci­ate the col­lec­tion of snakes (these are in cages!), igua­nas, tur­tles and tortoises.
  • Non-​native ani­mals include the Brocket Deer, agouti, caiman (looks like an alli­ga­tor) and armadillo.

This is a great Bar­ba­dos attrac­tion for the whole fam­ily, with chil­dren in par­tic­u­lar hav­ing a won­der­ful time. Be sure to make a visit to the Wildlife Reserve part of your Bar­ba­dos vacation.

Your entrance fee to the Bar­ba­dos Wildlife Reserve also gains admis­sion to the adjoin­ing Grenade Hall For­est & Sig­nal Sta­tion so be sure to head over there once you’ve com­pleted your tour of the reserve.

Bar­ba­dos Wildlife Reserve
Port­land, St. Peter
Tel: 2464228826

Open­ing Hours:
Daily from 10am — 5pm
Feed­ing time: 2pm daily

To dis­cover more about the wildlife in Bar­ba­dos take An island tour

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