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Ani­mal Flower Cave

animal flower caveThis beau­ti­ful sea cave is located under the cliffs at North Point, St. Lucy. This is the most northerly of the island. The cave’s coral floor is esti­mated to be 400000 to 500000 years old and the ‘younger’ coral sec­tion above the floor is about 126000 years old. But this is not the main fea­ture of this cave. Ani­mal Flower Cave is home to sea anemones, or ‘€˜ani­mal flow­ers’€™. The flower con­sists of ten­ta­cles that can sting and par­a­lyze a pass­ing fish in the larger vari­ety of species. The ten­ta­cles retract into the stalk or stump for safety on con­tact with an alien object like a stick. The flower then waits a while before com­ing out of the stalk again to allow dan­ger to pass. Depend­ing on sea activ­ity, vis­i­tors can relax in the beau­ti­fully calm pool located in this cave, and even look out of the cave €˜‘window’€™.

Tel: (246) 4398797

Open­ing Hours: Open Daily from 9 am -€“ 4:30 pm

Admis­sion: Adults $10US; Chil­dren $5US

Arti­cle © Caribbean Dreams Mag­a­zine
Photo © Caribbean Dreams Magazine

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