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Address: Grant­ley Adams Inter­na­tional Air­port
Parish: Christ Church
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Offi­cially opened on April 21, 2007, this hi-​tech museum high­lights the tech­no­log­i­cal won­der of British Air­ways Con­corde G-​BOAE aka €œAlpha Echo€, which once flew to the Bar­ba­dos air­port weekly dur­ing the win­ter sea­son. The museum was cre­ated to pro­vide insight into the Con­corde expe­ri­ence, and pro­vide lit­tle known facts about fly­ing and air­crafts. Get your air­line ticket to this hi-​tech tour, which includes: his­tory, mul­ti­me­dia, motion acti­vated guides, a taste of lux­ury, and inter­ac­tiv­ity.

concorde small Guests watching Engineered for Speed copy1. The Con­corde first passed the sound bar­rier in 1947.

2. Con­corde car­ried its first super­sonic pas­sen­ger in 1976.

3. Con­corde had four reg­u­lar des­ti­na­tions:
Lon­don, Paris, New York and Bar­ba­dos.

4. In 1977 the Con­corde first arrived in Bar­ba­dos to take Her Majesty the Queen back to Eng­land.

5. Con­corde held the record for fastest time to cross the Atlantic.

This amaz­ing and grace­ful won­der was once capa­ble of trav­el­ling at twice the speed of sound (Mack 2.00). The equiv­a­lent to 1380 m.p.h. or 23 miles per minute. To put this in con­text, as Bar­ba­dos is approx­i­mately 21 miles long, the Con­corde could pass the length of Bar­ba­dos in less than one minute. Now that is speed!

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The Con­corde Expe­ri­ence - 11 Fan­tas­tic Zones
Zone 1 & 2
Before you enter the facil­ity, learn about the pre-​history of flight, the first attempts at flight, and how it has devel­oped into the avi­a­tion that we know today. Then hear where the con­cept of super­sonic flight came from and how the Con­corde was developed.

Zone 3
A mul­ti­me­dia pre­sen­ta­tion to daz­zle your senses and reveal the engi­neer­ing won­ders that allowed Con­corde to fly at Mach 2 in such style and comfort.

Zone 4 & 5
Await your oppor­tu­nity to board the “Alpha Echo”, relax in a lux­u­ri­ous depar­ture lounge, styled after the famous Con­corde Room at Lon­don Heathrow air­port, then board the incred­i­ble air­craft and walk the red car­pet for your tour through “Alpha-​Echo”. The inte­rior expe­ri­ence will recre­ate the high­lights of a very unique flight that the world will never again have the oppor­tu­nity to experience.

Zone 6
Avi­a­tion in Bar­ba­dos dates back to the first flight from the Gar­ri­son Savan­nah in 1913. See how avi­a­tion in Bar­ba­dos has changed over the last 94 years.

Zone 7
The inter­ac­tive zone — Get your game on, using their gam­ing sys­tems — A treat for kids and adults.

Zone 9, 10 & 11
Motion acti­vated “engi­neers” will point out the areas checked whilst Con­corde is on the tar­mac and they will explain some of Concorde’s unique fea­tures. Then head over to the obser­va­tion deck to view the air­craft and other activity’s at Grant­ley Adams Inter­na­tional Air­port from above. Lastly before you go and don’t for­get to get a sou­venir of your fan­tas­tic Con­corde experience.

Expe­ri­ence the Bar­ba­dos Con­corde!

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