Nat­ural Attrac­tions — Caves and Gullies

Welch­man Hall Gully

This venue is per­fect for nature lovers! Welch­man Hall Gully is rich in his­tory and has a vast and inter­est­ing assort­ment of Bar­ba­dian and exotic plants and wildlife.This is also a great loca­tion to spot some of the island’s infa­mous Green Monkeys.

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Among the flora and fauna found in this Gully you can find the Phyl­lan­thus ander­sonii, or gully shrub– one of the few remain­ing indige­nous plants in Barbados.

Tel: (246) 4386671


Admis­sion to this foliage-​rich gully is free. It is a lush jun­gle, filled with majes­tic trees and hun­dreds of dif­fer­ent plant species. As gul­lies are the home of Bar­ba­dos’€™ Green Mon­key, you may even see a few while explor­ing this nat­ural won­der. Ariel Trip Zip Lines offer an over­head trip across the gully.

Harrison’s Cave

This stun­ning nat­ural for­ma­tion is located in the mid­dle of Bar­ba­dos. It is a crys­tal­lized lime­stone cav­ern, unique to the trop­i­cal world. This mys­te­ri­ous under­ground cave is replete with amaz­ing and awe-​inspiring sta­lag­mites, sta­lac­tites and columns, along with curi­ous water­falls and sparkling under­ground pools.

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The cool moisture-​rich air and the gen­tle sounds of the water only help to enhance this mys­ti­cal expe­ri­ence. Tour guides are very knowl­edge­able, and you are sure to be trans­formed while in this under­ground king­dom. A visit to Harrison’€™s Cave is guar­an­teed to be an unfor­get­table experience.

Tel: (246) 4173700

Cole’s Cave

This beau­ti­ful under­ground cave is per­fect for explor­ers who like a mildly chal­leng­ing trek. Here in this dark under­world, you can wit­ness stun­ning Cave for­ma­tions, and refresh­ing pools of water. With a descent into this cave by rope, you will be up close and per­sonal in this tran­quil envi­ron­ment. There is no veg­e­ta­tion, due to the absence of sun­light, and the only other forms of life spot­ted here are cray­fish, a few insects, and bats. This is cer­tainly a great cave adven­ture. Be sure to con­tact your tour oper­a­tors for any avail­able guided tours. It is not rec­om­mended to explore this cave with­out pro­fes­sional supervision.

Ani­mal Flower Cave

This beau­ti­ful sea cave is located under the cliffs at North Point, St. Lucy. The cave’s coral floor is esti­mated to be 400000 to 500000 years old and the ‘younger’ coral sec­tion above the floor is about 126000 years old. But this is not the main fea­ture of this cave. Ani­mal Flower Cave is home to sea anemones, or €‘ani­mal flowers’€™.

animal flower cave

The flower con­sists of ten­ta­cles that can sting and par­a­lyze a pass­ing fish in the larger vari­ety of species. The ten­ta­cles retract into the stalk or stump for safety on con­tact with an alien object like a stick. The flower then waits a while before com­ing out of the stalk again to allow dan­ger to pass. Tel: (246) 4398797

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