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Car-hire-LjubljanaHav­ing your own trans­port dur­ing any vaca­tion can be a pleas­ant expe­ri­ence. A Moped or a bike is per­fect to explore sites that aren’t eas­ily reached by car (Ask your rental agency about guided tours of the island) Con­versely you can rent a vehi­cle and see the island in the com­fort of a car or van, but drive care­fully on the left, watch out for pedes­tri­ans and note that some roads are quite nar­row, turns can at times be sharp and though the island is rel­a­tively flat, quite a few steep inclines can still be found. You can find rental com­pa­nies at the air­port or online book­ings can be deliv­ered, ready and wait­ing when you arrive at the air­port or at your hotel. If you do decide to rent then you will also need a road map, they can be col­lected from var­i­ous loca­tions island wide or you can Down­load a map for your phone or GPS.

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Dri­ving in Bar­ba­dos can be a pleas­ant expe­ri­ence and a great way to see the island. Sim­ply remem­ber to drive on the left and obtain a valid Bar­ba­dos license for $5 US, by car­ry­ing your valid national or inter­na­tional license to a police sta­tion or autho­rized car-​rental com­pany (Ask when book­ing is they can man­age this for you before you arrive).

Taxi Fotolia 41167352 XSMost Bajans will know and be able to refer you to a reli­able taxi man but your hotel or accom­mo­da­tion may have a rec­om­mended dri­ver. Taxis in Bar­ba­dos are all marked with a “Taxi” sign on top and carry “Z” license plates. Flag one down or con­sult the phone book, just be sure to ask the Taxi ser­vice what the rate will be before leav­ing. These rates are also at the air­port if you need to catch a taxi from there.

Typ­i­cal Taxi Rates From The Airport

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Get­ting around on the bus is an easy way to save money while on hol­i­day. Pub­lic trans­port is only $1.00 (USD) and it is a con­ve­nient way of trav­el­ing to the beach, the mall, other places of inter­est or sim­ply sightseeing.

Bar­ba­dos has two major types of pub­lic trans­porta­tion avail­able:
Gov­ern­ment Owned
Blue buses with yel­low stripes:

flikrThese buses run mostly accord­ing to the day’s sched­ule found here www​.trans​port​board​.com. This sched­ule is largely reli­able and these buses pro­vide a com­fort­able and relax­ing ride, they only stop at marked bus stops and will require exact change. $1.00 (USD).Upon board­ing, the bus may be crowded, but this would depend on the time of day and the route. Sev­eral routes are long and per­fect for daily sight­see­ing, how­ever spe­cially orga­nized Scenic Bus Tours take place every Sun­day for your con­ve­nience. Buses depart from three points: Bridgetown, Oistins in the south, or Speight­stown in the north. For more infor­ma­tion about routes and sched­ules, con­tact the Bar­ba­dos Trans­port Board at 2464366820 or the Tourist Board at 2464272623.

Pri­vately Owned
There are two types of pri­vately owned buses or vans:
1. Yel­low buses with blue stripes: These pass fre­quently, arrive at their des­ti­na­tions quickly and may be quite crowded depend­ing on the time of day. These buses are pre­dom­i­nantly seen on mid length routes, 3045 min­utes from begin­ning to end.

2. White buses with bur­gundy stripes (Also known as ZR Vans or route taxis) These mini­vans also pass fre­quently, are very pop­u­lar with the locals but are not as com­fort­able a fit as larger buses. Leg room can be lim­ited at times and buses are often filled to capac­ity. A con­duc­tor (or the dri­ver) typ­i­cally col­lects the fare and some dri­vers may at times drive quite briskly. These buses are pre­dom­i­nantly seen on short length routes, 1040 min­utes from begin­ning to end and they usu­ally pass quite fre­quently some every 1015 min­utes. This bus ride can be inter­est­ing and fun and can make an excel­lent con­ver­sa­tion starter for later so feel free to try it out. All in all, buses are a valu­able resource for get­ting around Bar­ba­dos, run­ning from as early as 6:00am, to as late as midnight.


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